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ReFridge is your one stop shop for all things food and sustainability. Want to keep better track of what food you have in your refrigerator and when they expire? ReFridge has your back. Wish it was easier to get to grocery stores? ReFridge will show you the way with convenient bus routes and schedules to get to stores near you. Want to cut down your eating out and "meals" comprised of snacks? ReFridge will come up with recipes based on the food you have that are easy to make. Does composting confuse or simply intimidate you? We will show you how and where it's done and why you should do it. ReFridge will even save you major money with its exclusive coupons and rewards program that rewards you the more you use the app. Food is as important as it is delicious, and ReFridge makes it simple. Download the app now!

Our Mission

Crafted for students, our mission is to help maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping food accessible, affordable, and sustainable.
ReFridge has a variety of services for students to live sustainably on their college campuses.
Easy recipes curated for you based on your favorite ingredients.
Find composting locations around your campus.
Take advantage of exclusive deals.
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